October 11 - Angela Lansbury Died

Angela Lansbury, screen and broadway icon, died, she was 96. R.I.P.

The three-time Oscar nominee had a career spanning eight decades, across film, theatre and television.

It was 61 years ago that Lansbury starred with Elvis Presley in 'Blue Hawaii', playing his Elvis’ mother Sarah Lee Gates despite being just nine years older than him.

Remembering Elvis being in better shape than he was in his later years, Lansbury said: “He was fit, he was slender and he was top of his form. And he couldn’t have been nicer to me".

We had a lovely time, it was a wonderful location. We were on Kauai in the Hawaiian islands. I’ll never forget it, it was really wonderful.

Asked if she spent much time hanging out on set with Elvis, she said: “Yes, we sat around and I had some wonderful scenes with the man who played my husband [Roland Winters] and the three of us together".

And she was such a funny character! Her whole reaction to her son who she didn’t understand at all. [Elvis] loved it, he thought it was terribly funny. He was very sweet.

(Source: People / The Express)